Arch C Klumph
RI President 1917-1918

Arch C. Klumph, the sixth President of Rotary International (1916-17) had a great vision of the future of Rotary as a “movement for the centuries” but he realized that it would thrive only if it could sustain itself. It was at the Atlanta Convention (1917), that he reiterated his plea for “an endowment fund for Rotary for the purpose of doing good to the world” and created The Rotary Foundation (TRIP). The first steps in the Foundation’s long march were feeble and there were doubts about its future during the depression years of  the 1930s and World War II.

The foundation’s permanent fund is so invested and managed as to yield substantial income to bear its administrative and fundraising costs as well as the surging cost of its numerous programs, which have steadily expanded over the years.

The man who foresaw the role of the TRF in Rotary’s future, Arch C. Klumph, was a man of extraordinary energy whose devotion to the cause of Rotary was unparallel. Rising from boyhood poverty to outstanding success as a businessman In. Ohio. Arch C. Klumph was also an active civic leader, accomplished flutist (he was a member of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra for 14 years) and sportsman. He was Chairman of the Committee entrusted to write a new constitution for Rotary International and also wrote the Standard Constitution and Bylaws for all Rotary Clubs, adopted in 1915. His work provided the cohesive unity necessary for Rotary’s growth.

Arch C Klumph died in 1952, by which time The Rotary Foundation’s future was assured and it was “doing good to the world” just as Klumph had envisioned.